Stefano Marseglia

Tahiti - 2024
Tahiti - French Polynesia - 2024.
Travel plans:
July 15-19 2024, ANTS XVI at MIT.
June 17-21 2024, CAVARET in Barcelona.
I will be back in Europe from May 2024.
May 2024 : Cohen-Macaulay type of orders, generators and ideal classes has been accepted for publication in Journal of Algebra.
April 2024 : Abelian varieties over finite fields and their groups of rational points , with Caleb Springer, has been accepted for publication in Algebra & Number Theory.
Feb 2024 : Ideal classes of orders in quaternion algebras , with Harry Smit and an Appendix by John Voight, has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.
Feb 2024 : I was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship.
Jan 2024 : started at the Gaati Lab at UPF.
Nov 2023, new preprint: Local isomorphism classes of fractional ideals of orders in étale algebras .
Short CV:
January 2024 - current: Postdoc at Gaati Lab at the University of French Polynesia
January 2021 - December 2023: VENI Postdoc at Utrecht University.
January 2019 - December 2020: Postdoc at Utrecht University, under the mentorship of Carel Faber.
September - December 2018: Postdoc at the Max Plank Institute for Mathematics in Bonn.
August 2018: Postdoc at Stockholms Universitet.
August 2013 - July 2018: Ph.D. student at Stockholms Universitet, under the supervision of Jonas Bergström. I have obtained my doctorate on June 28, 2018.
Full CV :
June 2024
E-mails: stefano.marseglia89 (at)
Postal Address: Université de la Polynésie française, BP 6570, 98702 Faaa, French Polynesia
Mathematical Interests:
Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory, with focus on computational aspects.
More precisely, my main interests are:
Abelian varieties (especially over finite fields)
Orders in algebras (ideal class monoid, classification of modules)
Arithmetic of GLn(Z) and the conjugacy problem
Preferred Pronouns:
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